Muvee offers easy-to-use video editing and slideshow software programs. Muvee streamlines the editing process by providing powerful tools without an extensive learning curve. From a simple slideshow program to high definition video editing, there is a Muvee solution for just about everyone.

Muvee Now 2

Muvee Now 2 is the simplest and most affordable Muvee software available. It is a guided program that syncs music with photos for personal slideshows.

Muvee autoProducer 6

Muvee autoProducer 6 offers more control for customized slideshows and includes home video editing.

Muvee Reveal

Muvee Reveal is a video and slideshow creation program with high definition support. You can also share videos with friends and family online.


Additional themes and styles are available to download to add a more personalized feel to your content.


Muvee also includes discounted pricing when upgrading the software. Simply visit and select which version to upgrade.