Modify Components Of Google Sketchup

Combining two SketchUp components into one is one approach to component modification.

Modifying a component in Google’s 3D design program SketchUp involves first opening the component for editing, then performing any of the three basic transformations on a virtual object: rotation, scaling or translation, better known as “moving.” You can also delete parts of a component to modify them, or add new parts. After modifying a component, it’s a good idea to lock it to prevent accidental changes. Understanding modify SketchUp’s components lets you experiment with variations of your 3D models.


1. Click the “File” menu’s “Open” command, then navigate to and double-click a SketchUp file to load it. If you don’t have an existing file, download one from Google’s 3D Warehouse.

2. Double-click an object in the file you loaded. SketchUp displays a wireframe box with black edges, which indicates you’ve opened a component for modifying. If SketchUp doesn’t display any box surrounding the model, the model is not a component. Click another model within the file. If the wireframe box is red instead of black, the component is locked for modification. Complete the following step if the component is locked. Otherwise, skip to Step 4.

3. Right-click the red wireframe box around the component, if the component shows this color. Click the “Unlock” command to enable modification of the component.

4. Click a part within the black wireframe box. This action selects a part for modification.

5. Press “Delete” to delete the part. Alternatively, perform the following steps to modify the component in other ways.

6. Click the toolbar’s “Move” command, then click any edge or point on the part you selected.

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7. Drag the mouse to move the part to another location. Click again to complete the move.

8. Click the toolbar’s “Rotate” command, then click another edge or point of the selected part.

9. Drag to rotate the part, then click to complete the rotation.

10. Click the toolbar’s “Scale” tool. The selected part displays handles for resizing the part.

11. Drag a handle to make the part larger or smaller. Release the mouse to end the scaling operation.

12. Right-click the black wireframe box surrounding the component and click “Close” to re-seal the component with the parts you modified.

13. Right-click the box and click “Lock” to prevent accidental changes to the model. SketchUp turns the wireframe box red to indicate the locked status.