Mix Songs Together On Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the video editing application that is native to the Microsoft Windows software suite. Although Movie Maker is specialized to create movies and video slideshows, it can also be used to edit audio. If users want to mix their songs and combine them into a single track, they can modify the media with the aid of Windows Movie Maker. The application supports most digital audio formats, including WAV, AIF, AIFF, AFC, SND, MP3, AU, MPA, MP2 and WMA.


1. Launch Windows Movie Maker. Click the “Import Media” button. Browse for your songs in the file selection window. Select the items and click the “Import” button to load the media into the application.

2. Drag and drop the imported songs into the “Audio/Music” section of the project timeline. The songs will display as individual segments.

3. Mix the songs together by overlaying the individual segments onto one another. Click the “Play” icon to preview the media.

4. Go to “File” on the program menu and select “Publish Movie.” A series of “Publish Movie” screens will appear. Select the “This Computer” option for the “Where do you want to publish your movie?” screen. Click “Next.”

5. Enter a file name and select a storage location in the “Name the movie you are publishing” screen. Click “Next.”

6. Click the “Publish” button to save a WMA file of the mixed songs. A “Publishing Movie” screen will display the progress of the audio encoding. A confirmation message will display when the media can be accessed from its selected storage location.

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