Mix Multiple Songs With Power Sound Editor

Any Windows PC can download and use Power Sound Editor Free.

Power Sound Editor is a freeware visual audio editing and recording software that includes many advanced and powerful operations with audio data. Power Sound Editor Free provides numerous easy editing functions and audio effects. Use Power Sound Editor Free to record original music, voice or other audio files. Then edit, mix it with other audio or musical parts and add effects like reverb, echo and chorus. When finished mixing, burn your track on a CD or post it on the Web.


1. Download Power Sound Editor to a Windows PC. Click the download icon and click “Run” to begin the install process. Restart your PC to fully initialize the program.

2. Open a new file in Power Sound Editor.

3. Allot two tracks to each song or song segment you wish to include in your compilation.

4. Import or load each song into the open Power Sound Editor file.

5. Set the volumes of all song segments, blending the levels as you prefer. Add an underlying rhythm track if you wish.

6. Add audio effects as you desire. With multiple songs mixed together, this will be primarily cross-fades, raising the volume of the incoming song segment as you lower the volume of the exiting song segment.

7. Make a final mix in stereo mix once the multiple songs are assembled. Burn the final mix to a CD or save it a hard drive. Save the music in whichever digital format you prefer, or what is appropriate for the final destination of the compiled file.

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