Midnight Club L A Remix Psp Cheats

Midnight Club L.A. Remix PSP Cheats

If you have the “Midnight Club: L.A. Remix” game for PSP, you will have the opportunity to show off your street racing skills even on the go. The game takes you up the street racing ladders in L.A. and Tokyo and pits you against a number of skilled competitors. Street racing is a game where the best cars give you an edge, and your reputation precedes you. If you want an extra edge, you could always cheat for it.

Unlock Cars With Cheat Codes

As you play the game and win various events, you will unlock extra cars. If you want to speed up the process, however, you may be interested in a pair of cheat codes. Open the Cheat menu and choose one of the following codes: Fans of muscle cars can unlock the whole set by typing “toughcars” into the Cheat menu. All of the prize cars are unlocked if you type the code “coolrides” instead.

Audi R8 (2008 Model)

When you’ve won all of the L.A. events, beat the champion and become the new reigning champion of L.A., you not only have the title, but also a new car in your arsenal: the sleek Audi R8.

Pontiac Solstice (2006 Model)

In the Ginza district of Tokyo, there are five tournament races. If you manage to complete all of them and win, you will unlock the Pontiac Solstice for your use.

Tokyo Police Cruiser

The police are the sworn enemy of the street racing world, but driving one of their cars in “Midnight Club” is pretty easy. Fully complete the Tokyo area, and you will have a Tokyo police car in your garage.

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L.A. Police Cruiser

Ramp up the stakes with a police car from L.A. First, however, you’ll need to finish the game. Complete every event, every race and all of the secrets to earn 100 percent completion for the game, and you’ll get an L.A. police car.

Reputation Cheats

If you need a rep boost, you can go about this a couple different ways. Open your GPS system, and then press the “Square” button. Quickly input the following button combination: “R” trigger, “L” trigger, “Right,” “Left,” “X,” “X.” Tap “Square” again, and the legend on the GPS will disappear, giving you extra reputation over time. Alternatively, go into the Cheat menu and input the code “getrep” for some extra rep.