Midnight Club L A Cheats

Midnight Club L.A. Cheats

Street racing in reality is an illegal and extremely dangerous sport. Despite that, it still has quite a following and its own subculture. So much so that it’s a topic of films and video games, such as “Midnight Club: LA” for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In it, you man the wheel of a souped-up machine racing for reputation and cash in Los Angeles, CA. Because it’s a game, there are a few cheats and tricks that make it a little easier to win the race.

Rockstar Barrels

You can unlock cheats for the game’s Cheat mode by locating and collecting barrels with the Rockstar logo on them. There are 60 barrels in all. Note that activating any of the cheats in Cheat mode will stop you from earning reputation and money, because that wouldn’t be fair. Because many of the barrels are hidden out of the way, it’s probably wise to go after them when you’re not in a race–if you spot one, go back later.

If you are having a hard time locating these barrels, look at the map located under Resources.

Unlimited Nitro

Nitrous Oxide is a fuel additive that makes the car go faster and it’s become part of many racing games now. To get unlimited nitro, you’ll need to find 10 Rockstar barrels.

Never Damage Out

After collecting 20 Rockstar barrels, you can switch on a cheat to prevent your from taking any damage. When used in concert with the Unlimited Nitro cheat, it’s a great way to get around town and catch up to far-away racers (just be sure to turn the cheats off before the race.)

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Unlimited Special Abilities

When you’ve found 30 barrels, you can turn on a code for Unlimited Special Abilities. Special Abilities include things like Agro, Roar and EMP, and each have limited uses under normal circumstances.

Top Down View

After gathering 40 collectible barrels, you unlock the Top Down View cheat, which allows you to see your car from a different perspective. The top-down view gives you a wider view of your surroundings, but limits your view of what’s ahead.

No Police

Find your 50th barrel, and you’ll unlock the No Police cheat. This cheat will allow you to travel unhindered by the police. Once again, because anything in cheat mode takes away the money and reputation you would earn after a race, only switch on No Police mode after completing your current race.

No Fines

The final barrel, number 60, unlocks No Fines mode. With this on, you will never receive cash penalties for anything you do.