Make Your Own Professional Music Video At Home

Film a music video with rented equipment.

Creating a professional-quality music video from home can be easily achieved if you have a solid artistic vision and have access to film equipment. Whether you need to make a video for class or if you simply want to show the world your creative side, creating a music video can be fun and educational.


1. Outline the shooting script and concept of your music video. Create a story plot involving characters or create an abstract visual creation. Develop every scene for the music video and create a detailed overview.

2. Cast friends or professional actors as the characters for your music video and hire crew members. While you do not need a full-fledged film crew to create a professional-quality homemade music video, you will need people who are knowledgeable in lighting techniques, cinematography (camera movement) and costumes and makeup. If you cannot afford to hire professional crew members, visit your local arts university and speak with the film department. Ask if a notice can be placed on-campus for students specializing in the position you need to fill.

3. Gather a video camera (digital camcorder), props, wardrobe and lighting equipment. Film departments at community colleges and universities normally rent out film equipment. While you can use a standard digital camcorder and homemade lighting equipment, if you wish to create a truly professional music video you must have professional-grade equipment.

4. Create a shooting schedule. If your music video does not feature many scenes you may be able to complete principle photography in a single day; however, shooting elaborate videos may require several days of filming. Discuss available days with your cast and crew and finalize the shooting schedule. Email a copy of the schedule and shooting script to all cast and crew.

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5. Shoot the music video according to the shooting script. Do not rush the filming process but try to stay within your outlined shooting schedule. Schedule additional filming days if you are unable to meet the set deadlines due to unexpected events; never rush the filming process as this can cause sloppy work.

6. Purchase video editing software. Make sure the editing suite purchased can manipulate images and add special effects to the video. Software such as Corel Video Studio by Corel or Sony Vegas Movie Studio by Sony provide an easy-to-use design interface and features to enhance the visual dynamic of your music video.

7. Edit your music video. Make sure the music syncs up with the video. Music/video timing is one of the most important editing aspects for music videos.

8. Preview the music video after the editing process. Show this version to friends, families and colleagues. Ask for opinions regarding the shooting style and editing flow. Make alterations to your music video if necessary.

9. Finalize the music video and make copies for cast and crew members. Place this music video on public video file sharing sites to showcase your filmmaking talent.