Make Your Own Karaoke With Free Downloads

For many, karaoke is the ultimate fun activity at any party. To make your own karaoke songs, first you need to download the songs in a recognizable audio format, such as MP3. Various music-downloading websites can help you out with this. Once you have the songs, you can select any audio editing software, such as Audacity, Karaoke Anything or Wavosaur for converting the songs into karaoke tracks. This entails removing their lyrics so you can give your vocals a test as the music plays.


Download Free Songs

1. Go to a website that provides free downloadable MP3s. You need to download songs with which you will make your own karaoke tracks. You will find free downloadable songs from websites such as Bee MP3, MP3 Raid and AirMP3.

2. Search for a specific track by name in the search box or browse through the categories and genres.

3. Open the song you want to download. There will be a “Download” button next to the song title. This button will allow you to download the song to the computer.

Convert Them to Karaoke

4. Use Audacity, a free audio editing software for making the MP3 a karaoke track. You can download and install it from Once installed, launch the program, click “Open” and load the downloaded MP3 file. You will then have to highlight the track by clicking and holding the mouse over the Audacity display. After highlighting, go to the “Effects” menu and select “High Pass Filter” or “Low Pass Filter,” depending on how loud the vocals are. Removing vocals is not an automatic process and you will have to try the filters to see which works the best for each song. When you’re happy with the results, go to “File” and click “Save” to save your karaoke file. Follow the same process for removing vocals from each song.

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5. Use Karaoke Anything, free audio editing software to convert tracks to karaoke. You can download and install it from the link in References below. Once you’re through the installation process, launch the application and click the button that says “MP3 Player Mode.” Then you have to load the track into the program, so click the “Source” button, and open the MP3 song. Start playing the song by clicking the “Play” button. As it plays, you need to move the “Karaoke Effect” slider bar slightly backward. This will reduce frequency of the song vocals. The more the effect is applied, the more pronounced the damping effect will be to the frequency of the vocals. You will be able to listen to the changes as you move the slider so you can stop adjusting when you find the level to be reasonable. To save the file, go to “File” > “Save” from the menu.

6. Use Wavosaur, which is another audio editing software. You can download and install it from this link: Once installed, launch the program. Click “File” and select “Open.” Now load the MP3 track to start working on it. First you need to select the entire track, so go to “Edit” and click “Select all.” Then go to “Processes” from the top menu and select “Vocal Remover.” Now as you play the song, the music file will be without vocals. If you want to save it, go to “File” and select “Save.” Wavosaur removes the vocals automatically using its own judgment, so there is no guarantee on how well it will be able to filter the vocals. It might work wonders on one track but might not be able to filter out all the vocals from another song.

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