Make Your Own Invoice Receipt Bill Of Sale Template

Creating a bill of sales invoice can be done using templates from Microsoft Word.

Making your own invoice receipt to track your bill of sales can be done using Microsoft Word templates. These templates can be downloaded from the software on your computer or from Microsoft’s website. Once the templates are downloaded, they can be customized to your needs and saved to your computer for future use. Customizations can include your editing your contact information, company logo and graphics.


1. Open Microsoft Word and locate the template gallery. To find the template gallery in Word 2003, select “File” and “New.” Using the right task pane, locate the templates search box. Type “invoice.” You will see all of the available invoices. Download the sales invoice.

To find the template gallery in Word 2007, select the “Office” button and select “New.” Using your left task pane, select the invoices category from the Microsoft office online. The sales invoice is located within the invoice templates. Download this invoice once you locate it.

2. Customize the template by adding your business information. Add your company name, address, phone number and web address. Also add your logo and slogan. Adjust the invoice number to match the sequence you plan to use.

3. Add formulas if you plan to have your prices calculate automatically. In Word 2003, move your cursor to the subtotal field. Select “table” and “formula.” Enter the word “Above” between the parentheses. Change the format by selecting the format that has a dollar symbol in front of the pound symbols.

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In Word 2007, move your cursor to the subtotal field. Select “Table Tools” and “Layout.” Click on the “Formula” button. When the formula dialog box appears, select “Sum”’ from the paste function category. Enter the word “Above” within the parentheses. Word will calculate the sum of values entered above this section. Format this area further by changing the format to currency. Select the format that has the dollar symbol in front of the numbers.

Follow the same procedure for the grand total section.

4. Save the template so it can retrieved at a later date. In Word 2003, select “file” and “save as.” Change your save type to “Template.” In Word 2007, select the “Office” button and select “Save As Word Template.” Once the template is saved, it will be available for future use. When you create new documents based on this template, save them as regular Word documents and not as a template. Doing so will override the changes made when the template was created.