Make Your Own Home Tv Studio With Multiple Cameras With Lights

Use lighting to highlight your subject and dispel shadows.

You can transform your basement into a professional television studio to make your own news broadcasts, homemade sitcoms or humorous reality TV. A fully operational studio usually involves a significant amount of equipment, but you can improvise if you are on a budget with a few simple tips and tricks. The most important equipment for your studio is your video cameras and lighting. Try not to skimp on these items and set them up properly for professional recordings.


1. Cover the windows with a thick, dark fabric to completely eliminate any outdoor lighting. You want to be in control of the lighting in your studio. Outside light requires that you adjust your indoor lighting in response to changes in outdoor light.

2. Cover the walls with soundproofing material if your home is often noisy. You also want to be in complete control of the sounds in your studio.

3. Set up the green screen or other background. Covering the background with a green screen allows you to remove the screen later in an editing program and replace it with the digital background of your choice.

4. Furnish your studio. For a news broadcasting studio, set up a desk and chairs. For a more relaxed environment, set up a comfortable sofa and chair for guest appearances.

5. Assemble the lighting. Lights angled directly at your subject will create harsh shadows. Use soft boxes or mount your lighting onto reflectors. This will disperse the light evenly across the set and the subject, thus reducing shadows and dark spots. Arrange lighting at various heights. For ceiling lighting, mount diffusers beneath the lights for even disbursement.

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6. Mount each of the cameras onto a tripod if this is a solo operation. Use tripods with wheels for easy adjustment when necessary. Plug each of the video cameras into the video switcher. This lets you transfer from one camera to another. If you do not have a video switcher, keep all of the cameras recording and use editing software to integrate the scenes of your choice later.