Make Xp Faster With Freeware

Return your XP’s speed with freeware programs.

As your Windows XP installation ages, you might find things seem to be going slower, until you realize that your PC is nowhere near as fast as you thought it was. This is because of several factors, such as the amount of files on a disk as well as their location, or the amount of useless data on a PC. To remedy this, there are several freeware programs that exist to help get your XP system back up to speed.


1. Use a free disk defragmenter such as Auslogics to optimize the data on your system. As PCs age, file locations on the hard drive become jumbled. A Disk Defragmenter arranges files to be near the other files used with it, increasing the speed of your PC.

2. Use a registry cleaner such as Registry Mechanic. Registry Mechanic looks for entries in your Windows registry for programs that are no longer present and removes them. Because other programs store information in the registry, that information access is quicker.

3. Download and Install a disk cleaner suck as CCleaner. CCleaner deletes files that may take up space on a PC, but serve no particular purpose, such as temporary files. Getting rid of these files increases the speed for your programs, as well as for downloading websites.

4. Click on the Start menu, then click Run, then type “MSconfig” into the box that appears. The Microsoft Configuration Utility allows you to edit what programs start up and what don’t, increasing the speed your PC boots up with. While not technically freeware since it comes with Windows XP, it’s a reliable startup editor.

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5. Use a uninstallation program such as Revo Uninstaller. Uninstallation programs can remove programs you don’t use more effectively than the Add/Remove programs method in the Control Panel.