Make Words Scroll To The Song Playing On Mediashout

MediaShout is a presentation software often used by churches to display slides and song lyrics during a church service. Included are several features specially designed for the church worship service environment including the ability to have song-lyric libraries and scripture verse libraries built into the software and accessible on the fly during a running presentation. MediaShout also allows for the importation of video, audio, and still images to make the presentations better.


1. Open your video editing software. Load the song you wish to play with the lyrics by selecting “Import” and then “Audio” and pointing to the location on your computer where the song is located.

2. Type the lyrics of the song into the video editing software using the “End Credits” text function. Set the scroll speed to match tempo of the song. Enter blank lines of text if necessary to have the scroll keep pace with the song playing.

3. Export the video project to a video file. Save it as an AVI file type to maintain compatibility with MediaShout.

4. Open MediaShout and click “File” then “Import” then “Video” and point to the AVI file you created. Click “OK” to import the video to your MediaShout show.

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