Make Videos Smaller

Video files can take up a large amount of hard drive space, and copying them and uploading them to the Internet can prove a challenge. Several options for reducing file size exist for every application. File-converting software can prepare video files for Internet streaming, peer-to-peer downloading and DVD copying. The Apple website states that MPEG-1-compression works best with CD media, MPEG-2 with DVDs and MPEG-4 with Web streaming. Video-editing software can compress video files, and stand-alone converting software can compress them while taking up less hard disk space.


DVD Video Soft Freemake Video Converter

1. Download and install the Freemake Converter.

2. Click “Video” to add videos to the list of files you’d like to compress. Supported input formats include AVI, MPG, DV, MP4 and WMV.

3. Click the “Edit” button next to a video if you’d like to make your file smaller by removing sections. In the video-editing portal that opens, drag the starting point slider to the first frame of a clip you’d like to remove.

4. Click the “Start Selection” button under “Cutting” to create a start point. Move the slider to the end point of the clip and click “End Selection.” Click “Cut Selection” to remove the clip. Click “OK” to save the changes and return to the video-converting window.

5. Click an icon at the bottom of the screen to convert a selected file to a smaller format. Choosing “To DVD” will convert your file to MPEG-2. Choosing “To YouTube” will convert it to MPEG-4. The amount of time to convert a file varies considerably depending on the file’s original size.

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Extensoft Free Video Converter

6. Download and install the Extensoft converter.

7. Click “Add video clip” under the “Home” tab to open a browser and add videos to the timeline. Click the thumbnail picture of a video in the timeline to load it into the editing window.

8. Click the “Edit” tab to select smaller portions of your video by pressing “Control” on your keyboard and dragging your mouse over the selection. Click “Convert as separate selections” under the “Home” tab to create smaller individual files from the selections in your clip.

9. Click the “Export” tab to choose the format for compressing your video from the drop-down menu. Use MPEG-4 to compress video for mobile phones, and use MPEG-1 to fit videos on CDs. Click “Convert” under the “Home” tab to start the conversion.

Koyote Soft Free Video Converter

10. Download and install the free converter from Koyote Soft.

11. Click “Add Files” to open video files. Check the box next to each file you want to make smaller by converting to a new format.

12. Choose the format to convert each selected file to. By choosing “iPhone,” for example, each selected file will be compressed to an MPEG-4 file.

13. Click “Convert Video” at the top of the screen to start the process. Your video will play at a faster speed in the preview window during conversion. When the process is over, your file will be small enough for streaming video, disc-burning or a mobile phone, depending on your choice of compression.

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