Make Videos Go Slow Motion On Photobucket

Slow motion video effects can capture an audience’s attention.

Slowing a movie down can help you notice items and actions that you might miss when it plays at normal speed. YouTube allows you to view slow motion video by using its experiment with its experimental HTML5 video player. Some other video-sharing sites, such as Photobucket, do not use HTML5 technology to display videos. As a viewer, you cannot make a Photobucket video slow down. However, you can create videos that play in slow motion and upload them to Photobucket.

Photobucket Videos

Photobucket, an image-sharing site, lets you upload videos in a variety of formats including WMV, MPEG and MOV. The site converts your uploaded videos into the MP4 format. If you have a Photobucket Pro account, you can also upload Flash files. After you upload a video, share it with others by giving them the video’s URL. If your video is public, users visiting Photobucket can perform a search and find your video in a list of search results. They can then click the video player’s “Play” button and view your video. Unless you add slow motion effects to your video before uploading it, users will see it play back at normal speed.

Slow Motion Effects

Videos that you send to Photobucket may come from a number of sources. You can upload an unedited movie you took with a digital camera. You can also use software to capture your computer’s screen activities and upload that as a screencast video. Regardless of the method you use to create a video, you need to add a slow motion effect to it if you want it to slow down. You don’t have to apply the effect to the entire video. For example, you might only want to slow down a specific movie scene, such as a complex skateboard stunt. Add slow motion to a Photobucket video with digital video-editing software.

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Windows Video Software

Vista and XP users can edit videos using the Windows Movie Maker program that comes with those operating systems. Windows 7 does not come with this program, but you can download Windows Live Movie Maker from Microsoft and edit videos. Both programs have similar interfaces and allow you to import video and add a variety of effects that include slow motion. After editing, save the video as a WMV file and upload it to Photobucket.

Third-Party Software

You can use commercial and free video-editing programs to add slow motion to videos. If you own Adobe Premier, select any clip on the video timeline and add a slow motion effect to it. Blender, an open source program, has a useful Speed Control that allows you to enter percentage values to control your video‘s playback speed. With Power Directory by CyberLink, you right-click any video clip and drag its right edge to the right to slow it down to the desired speed. After you use one of these programs to add slow motion to a video, save it in a format that Photobucket supports and upload it to the site.