Make Transitions Between Videos In Corel Ulead Dvd Movie Factory

Video transitions are often used to segue from one scene to another, utilizing video effects such as fade-in or scroll-out. Transitions can also help advance the action in a scene by smoothly transitioning from one point of action to the next. Corel’s Ulead DVD Movie Factory allows you to choose from the program’s list of transition effects and apply them to your home movies.


1. Launch Ulead DVD Movie Factory. Click on the “New Project” option on the program’s welcome screen to create your video project. Click on the “Add Video Files” option to import video clips into your project.

2. Click on the “Edit” room option. Click the “Effects” tab in the Edit Room. Click on the film strip “Storyboard/Timeline” button located near the bottom-left of the program to toggle the menu to “Storyboard” view.

3. Select a transition under the “Effects” tab. Drag and drop the transition between two of your project’s video clips at the bottom of the program.

4. Toggle the “Storyboard/Timeline” button to “Timeline” view. Click on a video clip in the video timeline at the bottom of the program. Click on the “Fade In” and “Fade Out” buttons above the timeline window to apply fade-in and fade-out transitions.

5. Click “Next” to design a DVD menu for your project.

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