Make Subtitles From An Ifo File

Make Subtitles from an IFO File

DVDs use IFO and VOB files to store the contents of movies and shows. These files contain everything on the disk, including the video, audio, menus and subtitles. DVD-ripping programs allow you to copy the IFO and VOB files from a DVD to your computer. After doing this, you can use subtitle-ripping software to extract the subtitles from the IFO and VOB files. These programs often save the extracted subtitles to IDX or SRT files.


1. Download and install VobSub (see “Resources” below). This freeware program extracts the subtitles stored in IFO files. VobSub can extract every subtitle originally included on the DVD or it can rip them on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Using this program, you can alter the color of the subtitles after extracting them and you can also adjust where the subtitles are located on screen during playback. After you’re finished configuring the settings, VobSub will generate IDX and SRT files containing the ripped subtitles.

2. Download and install SubRip (see “Resources” below). This freeware application can rip from IFO and VOB files; it can save extracted subtitles to SRT, IDX or TXT format. With this program, you can change the color, location and capitalization of subtitles, and it lets you underline, bold or italicize the text, as well. SubRip also allows you to change the subtitles’ spelling, punctuation and display timing to correct errors from the original disk.

3. Download and install imToo DVD Subtitle Ripper (see “Resources” below). This commercial program extracts the subtitles from IFO and VOB files to IDX, SUB, PDF and JPG formats. It can extract in multiple languages to a single subtitle file. Using this program, you can adjust the font size and appearance of extracted subtitles, and it also includes a DVD previewer that allows you to select subtitles on a frame-by-frame basis. ImToo offers a free trial version of DVD Subtitle Ripper.

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