Make Quality Amateur Movies

You do not have to be a Hollywood filmmaker to make quality amateur movies.

You can make quality amateur movies with a video camera, a little creativity, and some planning. Not only is making amateur movies a lot of fun, you may find that you enjoy movie making so much that you’d like to do it professionally. Amateur movies can be filmed just about anywhere and focus on any topic or theme you’re interested in. You can follow several simple steps to create a quality movie that will be enjoyed by all who views it.


1. Get a quality camera. The video camera is one of the most important elements for creating a quality amateur movie. Invest in a high-definition, or HD, video camera if you plan to make several movies. You can achieve great results with a standard-definition camera, but an HD camera will result in a clearer, more professional picture. If you decide to use an HD camera, your editing software and computer hardware package will need to be compatible to keep up with the processing load.

2. Gain access to a computer that will allow you to edit your movie. Not all PCs are created equal; you must make sure that the computer memory and hardware are robust enough to handle the editing required for the film. The computer requirements vary depending on the program, and are displayed on the packaging or website of the editing program.

3. Get movie editing software. There’s no need to run out and purchase an expensive editing software package. There are free video editing tools such as Windows Movie Maker that can be downloaded for free. If your computer is less than two years old, an editing program may already be installed on your computer. Windows Movie Maker possesses the basic tools needed for editing and has pretty cool video effects.

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4. Determine if you need an exterior microphone. Many new video camera models have built-in microphones. In most cases, the sound quality will depend on the quality of the camera. If you’re not happy with the sound quality that the interior microphone produces, you can purchase an exterior microphone for clearer sound.

5. Write an interesting and engaging script. If you have an idea of what your movie will be about but are having a difficult time writing the script, you may be able to hire an amateur writer to help you with the creation of the script. Remember that the script should keep the viewer interested and lead to a solid climax and end with an interesting conclusion.

6. Find a location to film your movie. The key to obtaining the best shot is working in the right lighting and having a complimentary set. You must devote a significant amount of time matching the script with the appropriate location. If you would like to film in a business establishment, you must obtain permission to film from the manager or owner of the business. You may have to prepare a document that outlines the terms for the use of the establishment and include any necessary provisions.

7. Recruit your team. It is important that you recruit a team of talented people to work on the movie with you. Your team should consist of actors, coordinators, technical assistants and anyone else who can help you keep order and produce a quality film. If you work with amateurs such as you, they may agree to work on the movie in exchange for film credits.

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