Make Or Watch Video Mashups & Video Dj Mixes

Mashups allow the editor to mix and match videos.

Mixing and editing movies and music videos together (as a deejay would for a set of songs) has become increasingly popular, due to the easy access to free editing software and the large amount of videos online. Be it for practice or self promotion, the video mashup can help a fledgling DJ gain a foothold in the club scene or a first-time editor polishing her craft. Learning create a mashup can help to clean up editing skills and promote your talent.


Watching Mashups

1. Turn on your Internet browser. Go to YouTube, or any other video sharing site.

2. Type in “Mashup” into the the “Search” field, and press “Search.” There are many types of mashup videos. Some interesting links are listed in the “Resources” section of this article.

3. Look through these examples to get an idea of a mashup structure. Do this in order to prepare yourself mentally or to seek inspiration.

Making MashUps with Videos Online “Import” > “Movies.” Look for the film clips and press “OK”. Watch the part of the clip that you want in your mashup, then click and drag across it to make a yellow selection box appear. Use this to select the part of the clip that you want and then drag it to the timeline.

7. Remember to have an idea of what story or feeling you want to convey while you edit. Make the horror movie into a romance. Make the romance into a horror flick. Go to “Share”> “Export Movie.” Click on “Large,” and press “Export.”

8. Open up GarageBand. Drag the video you just made into GarageBand. Click on the “Eye” icon at the bottom right. Click on any one of the tracks with blue avatars since these are whole songs. Add a song appropriate to your mashup.

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