Make Online Video Marketing Work For Your Business

Online videos used for marketing should be short and to the point.

Making online video marketing work for your business requires recognizing the needs of your target audience. If the purpose of your video is to sell something, understand what type of person would use your product and why he would need it. Include the benefits in your video to show how the product can improve his life. If the purpose of the video is to introduce your brand, it is still important to know your target audience. You will want to strategically place the video on sites you know people in your target audience often visit. This increases the likelihood that a potential customer will see it.


1. Keep your video under three minutes. Online viewers have a lot competing for their attention. To ensure your video is viewed all the way through keep it short and focus on the benefits of your product.

2. Include a call to action at the end of the video. For example, “visit us at” or “call us at 555-555-5555!” A viewer who watches your video all the way through is engaged with your brand. Ask her to act while the benefits of your product are still on her mind.

3. Hire a professional video editor to put together a high quality clip. If you don’t have the budget, use do-it-yourself video editing software such as iMovie.

4. Distribute the video to multiple sites such as YouTube, Facebook and, of course, your own website. Wherever you upload it, be sure to fill in the tag box with keywords that describe the video. This helps searchers find your content.

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5. Promote the video through your various marketing channels. Tweet about it, buy online ads, include it in a blog post and send an email to your customers or prospects with the video embedded in it.