Make Money With Amateur Photography

Put that camera to good use by earning a little extra money.

With the invention of high-tech digital cameras, taking a decent picture is no longer a long shot for some people. For people who like to take pictures, making a little extra money on the side is not a bad benefit. Finding places where you can make some money may be the hardest part. There are several ways in which amateur photographers can earn a little cash. Taking a lot of pictures is part of the process, knowing where to send them is the other part.


1. Snap all sorts of pictures using your digital camera. Do not be afraid to take a lot of pictures of the same thing. Try taking more pictures from different angles.

2. Upload your pictures to your computer and use the photo software to edit the pictures some. Be careful of over editing and making the pictures look obviously doctored. Stick with editing the lighting and other minor issues.

3. Enter your pictures in amateur photography contests, many of which offer prize money. Look for contest postings online, in magazines and even on television ads.

4. Follow all the directions for entering the contest exactly. Some contests are very strict and will eliminate someone for any silly mistake sometimes.

5. Take pictures of the local scene and show them to the editor of your hometown paper. Paid reporters will cover most big events in the area, but you can take photos of everyday happenings around town.

6. Submit a picture to your local paper of kids playing in a splash park or water hydrants when the weather is really hot. The editor may then assign someone to write a story to go along with your picture while paying you for the use. Pictures of fluke happenings may also be of interest to the paper since photographers cannot be everywhere at all times.

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7. Create your own note cards. Take pictures of flowers or local scenery, print them on cards and sell them as a set. Ask at local consignment or craft shops if they will allow you to put your cards in their store.

8. Upload your photos to online stock sites. Read all the rules and regulations for what types of photos to upload and start with a few. Gradually add more pictures to make more money.