Make Lightsaber Video Effect

Due to the popularity of the “Star Wars” movies as well as the popularity of several videos found online, there are a lot of people who are curious about create a lightsaber video effect. Some people want to do this simply to make a funny video, while others want to do it simply to learn more about the technologies associated with video editing. Making this effect is not as involved and as difficult you might think.


1. Go to the toy store and buy some kind of toy that is made to look like a lightsaber. Some toy stores sell replica lightsabers for upwards of $100. The lightsaber used does not need to be so sophisticated.

2. Download LightSaber Maker (see Resources below). This is a free software that allows a person to edit lightsaber effects into a video. The file will download as a zip file. Find where the zip file resides (usually your desktop) and click on it to unzip the files inside.

3. Take a small video of somebody using the lightsaber. The first video you create should only be about 5 seconds. There is some experimenting that needs to happen upon the first use of LightSaber Maker, so you don’t want to work on your main project yet. This is just for practice.

4. Plug the video camera into your computer with the cord that came with the camera.

5. Click on the LightSaber Maker icon to run the software. Import the video in LightSaber Maker by clicking on the “Import” button.

6. Click on one end of the light saber in the opening frame of your video. Then right-click on the other side. This selects the area that will display the lightsaber video effect. Then go to the Color menu and choose the color of the light saber. Colors like red, blue and green work well.

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7. Scroll to the next frame by pressing the “P” key on the keyboard. Repeat the previous step. Continue to repeat Step 6 and the beginning of Step 7 as many times as needed until you reach the end of the video.

8. Save the file when you reach the end of the video. You have successfully created a lightsaber video effect.