Make Iphone Speakers Louder

Make iPhone Speakers Louder

Many owners of the iPhone have become annoyed with the speaker volume of their mobile device. You may find it too low when trying to listen to a song or unable to hear it ring when placed in your pocket. You can easily fix this problem by making a few adjustments to your iPhone.


1. Open the Celestial framework file of your Apple iPhone. The address is: “System/Library/Frameworks/Celestial.framework.” Within this folder, you will find a maximum volume property list option.

2. Change the default value of the volume property list option. The default value will be at 0.7. You can raise it to as high as 0.99. You should now notice a difference in the volume of the speaker of your iPhone.

3. Try the needle technique if you don’t notice a major difference. If the volume still is not loud enough you can use a sewing needle to help improve the level. Any size needle will work for this method.

4. Locate the speaker holes at the bottom of your iPhone. The holes will be at the base of the iPhone on the left side. The opening on the right side of the base is the microphone; you won’t need to alter this part to improve the speaker volume of your iPhone.

5. Push the needle through the holes of the speaker. As you guide the needle through the hole, it will eventually puncture a small piece of plastic. Once you reach that plastic, you can remove the needle. The plastic is used to keep dirt and dust out of the speaker holes, but once punctured it will make your iPhone louder.

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