Make Invitations Using Ulead

Creating invitations with your personal photographs is not difficult.

Creating unique personalized invitations shows your invitees a portion of your personality. In addition to showing others your fun side, creating your own invitations can be an enjoyable activity and provide a sense of accomplishment. Ulead, a photograph editing software, allows its users to store and edit their photographs easily. Another feature of Ulead is the ability to create personalized invitations.


1. Open the Ulead Express Program. The link for the download web page is located in Resources.

2. Click “Browse” located in the upper left corner.

3. Select “Project” from the menu choices.

4. Click “Get project” located in the upper left corner.

5. Select “Special events” from the menu choices.

6. Select the invitation type from the menu choices. For example, if it is a wedding, choose “Wedding.”

7. Review the various templates, then double click the template you wish to use.

8. Click the temporary picture already located within the template, then click the icon located below the template. Select the file location from which you wish to upload your replacement image. Your replacement image is your own picture, which will replace the temporary picture.

9. Double click the text already written on the template. The editing tools will open on the left. Type the invitation message, and change the font and color using the editing feature. Once the message is complete, click “Apply.”

10. Click the message, then drag and drop in the desired area on the invitation.

11. Review the invitation. After it has your approval, print the invitations.

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