Make Highdefinition Slide Shows On Dvd

The DVD will need to be able to record in HD.

A high-definition slide show is formatted for either 720 or 1080 resolution. There are ways to burn PowerPoint shows to DVD, but they will not be in HD. Instead, you must create the HD slide show using a video editing program, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas or Final Cut Pro. These programs are all capable of producing high-quality HD slide shows that you can then export to a HD DVD.


1. Download or purchase a video editing program. Adobe Premiere Pro is recommended; however, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro and After Effects are all capable of doing the job. Premiere Pro is the most user friendly of the options and also includes a wide selection of transitions that are useful for moving between slides. You can download each of these programs for free as a trial. After you’ve purchased or downloaded the program, install it. Open the program and open a new file by clicking “File,” “New.” Set the “Parameters” for the new file to “HD.” Each program has present project templates; select “1080p” as the resolution for the template, as this is the highest HD resolution available. You can make the selection for 1080p when selecting options at the “Parameters” screen.

2. Prepare the content for the slide show on the computer; collect any images, movies, sounds, backgrounds or animations. Write the text and storyboard the slides. Load all the prepared content into the “Project Window” of the video editing program. This content will now be available to drag into the “Timeline” of the video. Add the background images to the “Timeline.” Add text where necessary. Add any additional content, such as animations, videos or music. Use the video editing program to create the slide show.

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3. Preview the slide show when the content is complete and added to the timeline. Make any changes necessary after the preview. Export the video slide show. Each program has an export feature. You can usually find it by going to “File,” “Render” or “Export.” Export the video as a DVD file. This will automatically encode the slide show so it is ready to be burned to DVD. Set the output directory. Name the DVD and click “Export.” Wait for the video slide sbe exported.

4. Open Windows DVD Maker or another DVD burning program. Insert a blank DVD into the computer’s DVD drive. Drag the recently created slide sthe Windows DVD Maker burning track list. Set the options for the menu style and click “Burn.” The HD slide show will burn to the DVD. This may take a few minutes to complete. Eject the DVD when it is finished and insert the DVD into a DVD player. Preview the DVD to ensure it has burned correctly.