Make Great Home Movies

Make Great Home Movies

Home movies are a great way to preserve family memories, and the technology for making them has come a long way since the days when film was your only option. Now you can shoot home movies straight to DVDs so you can have them longer than ever. Learn what steps you can take to make great home movies that will entertain you and your loved ones for years to come.


1. Choose a camcorder that’s right for you. Choose something small and convenient to carry with you. One that records straight to a DVD rather than tape is preferable. It will save you the time it would take to burn the movies to DVD later. The DVD format makes your home movies last longer.

2. Carry your camera everywhere you go. Memories happen all the time. Be ready to capture them. And don’t just film vacations, special occasions and high school performances. Capture your family living everyday life. Capture funny moments and sad moments. All of these memories make great home-movie content.

3. Think like a movie director. Don’t just stand with the camera held still. Move with the scene you’re filming. Get creative angles. Interview family members about whatever it is you’re capturing at the moment. Think ahead and make home movies you know will not be boring when you watch them years later.

4. Use video-editing software to create interactive menus and special transitional effects for your home movies. You can also cut unwanted footage and combine footage to make visually appealing scenes. Many camcorders come with a video-editing package. You might want to find a package that has more extensive editing and special effects features. There are numerous video-editing packages on the market.

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5. Create special “Best Of” editions of your family’s home movies. These “Best Of” DVDs could focus on birthdays, holidays or even bloopers. Have fun with it. You’ll be watching these home movies for years to come. Make them as fun as possible.