Make Good Youtube Videos

Make Good Youtube Videos

Ever wondered if you could make a video that stood out amongst all the other millions of them on Youtube? Well, within this article, I will give you the information required to do just that!


1. Before starting your project, you should have a basic outline including a plot, and a time table. After all, who wants to watch a long series of moving images that possesses no cohesion.

2. Get your resources. Some video projects will require you to download, or transfer media, from other sources, to your hard drive, if this is true for you, remember to keep notes on all sources, so that, later, you can add them to your credits. No one likes having media borrowed from them without accreditation. There are several free programs that allow you to download media from websites. Here are a few that I personally use: FlashLynx(Youtube), Limewire(p2p), File2HD(Almost any Website) 😀

3. Movie editing software. Almost all computers come with some form of movie editing software.(Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie) If you do not have a video editor, there are many free downloads online. Before you begin making your movie, you should familiarize yourself with the basic features of what ever program you choose to use.

4. Start creating! Be sure to follow your time line, and, if your making a music video, try to line the music up with video sequences that fit the tempo(It is so annoying when people don’t take the time to do this).

5. Most video editors have a few, minor effects, which, if used correctly, can dramatically alter a vanilla(default;factory;standard) project for the better(or Worse). Be sure to use them responsibly.

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6. After your done, make your credits. This is a very important step, it shows your professionalism, and manners.

7. File Format. Different formats have different properties. These can include high compression(Movie takes up less space), high quality(high screen resolution, and very clear audio), and mobile media formats(made specifically for cells, PDA’s, media players, etc.). Youtube limits upload size to 100mb(per video) for most users, though some can upload much more(Maybe, they pay a subscription?).

8. Now your done! I’ll be writing another article about generating hits, without paying anyone money, shortly.