Make Game Montages

As the image quality and gameplay of video games has improved dramatically over the course of the last decade, an increasing number of gamers have created tributes or montages using their actual gameplay footage. Game montages dedicated to a wide variety of different video games are found all over the Internet. The process of creating a video game montage is made easier by the fact that many games include game play recorders. Even if a game play recorder is not built in, a number of different programs are also available to record and edit the video clips.


1. Capture the gameplay footage for use in the game montage. Many games have the capability to record gameplay built in. Alternatively, a number of different programs, such as Fraps or Roxio PC Game Capture, provide gameplay recording capability. For the best results, select software that records in the uncompressed AVI format instead of other compressed file formats.

2. Enhance the quality of the video montage by only selecting clips that show interesting or unique moments in gameplay. Montages that include mundane gameplay elements or “feats” accomplished with minimal skill are sure to bore viewers.

3. Select appropriate music for the montage. While more suspenseful or dramatic music is appropriate for some clips, other clips should be paired with rock or pop music.

Experimentation is best as there is no formula or rule used to select the proper music for a montage.

4. Choose a video editing program to compile the montage. While a number of professional grade video editing programs exist, a very basic editor can create an amazing montage. Special attention should be paid to the system requirements of the software selected as many older computers can’t run some of the newer editing programs.

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5. Avoid over editing the montage or including lengthy introductions or endings. Any special effects added to the montage should blend in with the gameplay footage. Introductions and endings should be short and free of distracting special effects.