Make Flv Files

FLV, or Flash, files are used all over the Internet now as the primary means for streaming video. Every major video site, including YouTube, uses this format. But you may want to create your on Flash files using your own videos. At one time this would have require some very complicated and expensive software, but now there are simple converters available that can do the job with a few clicks. In this article we will use one call AVS Video Converter.


1. Purchase and install AVS Video Converter to your system (see Resources).

2. Load the video you want to convert onto your hard drive. If you need to do some editing to the video before you turn it into an FLV file, use a video editing program like Windows Movie Maker to make changes to attributes like sequence, volume and length. Save whatever changes you make in your video editor to a new file.

3. Open AVS Video Converter. Click on the top “Browse” button. Find the video you want to convert and select it. Then click on the bottom “Browse” button, select a name for the file and the location you want it to go.

4. Click on “Profile” to select the particular attributes of the Flash movie you are creating. You have several options, ranging from “Optimal Quality” at 64 kbps (appropriate for slower connections) to “Best Quality” at 160 kbps (for high-speed connections).

5. Click on the “Flash” icon at the top. Then click “Convert Now.” The conversion process may take several minutes. View your completed Flash movie in the free Adobe Flash Player (see Resources).

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