Make Dvd Menus

With the advances in consumer digital video products, homemade DVDs are easy to make for even the most amateur videographer. Along with the hardware, advances in software allow the consumer to add some flair to their productions. This article will explain make DVD menus.


Make DVD Menus

1. Launch the Windows Movie Maker program. To do so, click once on the “Start” button, once on “All Programs,” and then once on the “Windows Movie Maker” icon. If you don’t have Windows Movie Maker, check out the free download page (linked below).

2. Import the files that you plan to burn to the DVD for which you want to make a menu. To do this, click once on the type of file you want to import (e.g. video) under the “Import” area of the “Task” section of the Windows Movie Maker screen.

3. Drag the files you want to make a DVD menu for to the “Storyboard” section of the Movie Maker window. Right-click once on each file and select “Add to Storyboard.”

4. Click once on the “DVD” option in the “Publish to” area of the “Task” section. This will take your selections to Windows DVD Maker, where you will be able to create a DVD menu. If you haven’t saved the project you are working on, Windows Movie Maker will prompt you to do so in order for you to continue.

5. Click once on the “OK” button on the pop-up window advising Windows DVD Maker will be launched.

6. Click once on the “Next” button on the Windows DVD Maker window when you’ve determined all necessary files are present.

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7. Change the DVD menu text by clicking once on the “Menu text” button. From the menu text window, you can change the wording of the menu text and its appearance.

8. Customize the menu by clicking once on the “Customize menu” button. From this window you can really add some interesting detail, such as a foreground and background menu video. You can use the existing video or import additional imagery using the “Browse” function to search your files. Audio can also be added using the “Menu audio” function.

9. Click once on the “Change Style” button when you finish with any changes.

10. Click once on the “Burn” button when you are ready to burn your creation to DVD.