Make Cs Movies For Free

You don’t need a camcorder to make CS movies.

Owning noobs all day at Counter Strike (CS) is fun, but after the moment has passed, you’ve got nothing left but some old CS war stories. Recording your playing sessions, making a movie of your triumphs, and submitting your masterpiece to YouTube will provide solid proof that you are a CS master. With some free software and the equipment you already use to play CS online, you can make CS movies for free.


1. Download the free video capture software of your choice. Programs such as “Fraps” and “Cam Studio” provide free versions of their software that allow you to record what is happening on your computer screen with the push of a button.

2. Run the video capture software, and start CS.

3. Press the record hot key for your video capture software while you are playing CS. This will begin recording your play. Continue capturing raw video as long as you like.

4. Choose a free video editing software. Windows Movie Maker comes installed on many versions of Microsoft Windows, so you may already have it installed. Open your video editing software, and then add your raw CS footage. You can trim the footage, clip it, add a soundtrack and add effects between scenes. Save the video when you are finished, and your free CS movie is complete.

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