Make Cartoons On Windows Movie Maker

Make Cartoons on Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is video creation and editing software available with the Windows operating system. Photos, drawings and video can be imported into Movie Maker to create the visuals, while music and narrations can be imported to create the audio. Movie Maker is a user-friendly tool used to make home movies, music videos or even cartoons. Learn make a cartoon using Windows Movie Maker.


1. Open Windows Movie Maker and import the drawings by going to “Import,” “Pictures.”

2. Navigate to the location of the drawings. To import several pictures at once, press the “Ctrl” key and select each drawing. Click “Import.”

3. Click on the drawing and drag it to the “Video” portion of the timeline.

4. Click the drawing in the timeline.

5. Place the cursor on the right-hand side of the drawing in the timeline until the cursor becomes a double-headed red arrow.

6. Drag the cursor to the left until the drawing’s duration is 1 second or less. Press the “plus” and “minus” keys to zoom into and out of the timeline. As the clip is shortened, a window appears showing the length of time of the clip.

7. Drag, drop and trim each clip’s duration until the video portion is complete. In the lower right-hand corner of the Preview screen is another timeline. This is the timeline for the Preview screen. It may read: “0:00:00.00/0:00:00.00.” The first part of the timeline is the elapsed time of the clip. The second part of the timeline is the entire cartoon’s duration (e.g., two clips of 5 seconds each total 10 seconds).

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8. Go to “Import,” “Audio or Music.” Navigate to the location of the audio. Select the audio track to import; then click “Import.” To select more than one audio track, hold the “Ctrl” key while selecting each audio track; then click “Import.”

9. Select the audio track to use and drag it to the “Audio/Music” portion of the timeline.

10. Go to “File,” “Publish Movie” to create the movie. Decide where the cartoon will be played, where it will be saved, what it will be named and the cartoon’s settings.

11. Navigate to the saved cartoon and double-click to play it.