Make Beats In Magix

Make beats on your computer using Magix Music Maker.

Magix Music Maker is a loop-based, digital audio-production program. The software comes preloaded with bundled drum, synth and effects. Users can edit, arrange, create and mix tracks within the program. Although priced relatively cheap compared to other digital audio workstations, Magix comes with some advanced features, including MIDI support, channel mixing, frequency tuning and more.


1. Open Magix Music Maker. Click on the “Soundpools” tab at the bottom left corner. Choose a category from the “Styles” menu that best suits the genre of beat you want to make. Select “Drums” from the “Instruments” menu and browse the templates. Select the desired template and drag and drop it to channel 1 on the sequencer grid above.

2. Return to the “Instruments” tab at the bottom of the program. Select “Bass.” Select your desired bass template and drop it to channel 2 on the sequencer grid. Repeat as necessary for guitar, keys, pads, percussions, vocals and all other categories under the “Instruments” tab you would like to use in your beat.

3. Add your own sounds and loops to the beat. Click on the “File Manager” tab at the bottom and browse to the folder where your samples are saved. Drag and drop the samples you want to use to the sequencer grid.

4. Click on the “Synthesizer” tab on the bottom screen to add vintage synthesizer sounds to your beat. Choose the sounds you want and drag from the templates and drop them in the sequencer grid. Advanced users can edit the preloaded melodies by right-clicking on the MIDI file in the sequencer grid and selecting “MIDI Editor.”

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5. Arrange the song by selecting all the instruments in your sequencer grid with the mouse and dragging and dropping them on the grid. You can delete specific sections of each instrument by selecting the clip and pressing delete.

6. Click on “File” then “Save Arrangement” to save your beat when it’s complete.