Make An Indie Film Sell

Making a film is a complex process, but sometimes the real challenge comes after the film’s wrapped up and ready for distribution. With millions of films available online and in theaters, getting your indie film to sell is tricky. Publicizing with a limited budget is no easy task. You need to connect with others who will sell your title for you. A great place to start is at film festivals.


1. Identify the genre of your film so you know which festivals to consider. For instance, if you are promoting a film for children, you might want to look at the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival.

2. Research film festivals in industry magazines and on sites such as Without a Box. These resources list festivals around the world, along with their submission criteria. Enter as many film festivals as possible, according to your budget.

3. Check to see if the film festivals you submitted your titles to have a newsletter or other form of publicity and contact the editor on a regular basis with updates on what you are doing. Anytime you can get your name in print, it will let the readers know who you are. When they see your name on film, they’ll be more likely to purchase your indie film.

4. Enter contests as often as possible. Many film festivals have their own contests, but you might want to submit your film to other contests. Often contest winners are written up in magazines and newspapers–more publicity for you.

5. Set up a website for yourself where you can sell your own videos, or link to sites that sell your indie production. Use verbal communication and business cards as often as possible to promote yourself and sell your film.

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6. Attend as many film festivals showing your work as you can, letting people know that you’re the creator. When they have personal connection, people are more likely to buy your films.