Make An Image With A Transparent Background In Paint

An array of colors to paint.

Computers running Windows come with an art program called Windows Paint. In Windows Paint, you can create your own images or alter images already in existence. You may want to be able to move an image you made into another picture without bringing the background along. You can use Windows Paint 98 to piece together into one picture your separate images without including their background.


Making Transparent Images

1. Open Windows Paint.

2. Draw the image you want to use on the white background.

3. Select the transparent tool from the toolbar. You will see two icons in the toolbar to your left that look like little colored blocks. Click on the bottom one with the dotted rectangle with a transparent background.

4. Click and drag the rectangular shape over your image.

5. Hit Control + C on your keyboard. This will copy the image.

6. Select “File” from the top menu, then select “Open.” Choose the file you want the image to be copied into without its background.

7. Hit Control + P to paste your image onto the MS Windows Paint document.

8. Save your image under a name you know and in a place you can access it easily, such as your computer desktop.

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