Make An Hd Movie For Youtube

To make an HD movie for YouTube, use the proper camera and editing equipment, and follow YouTube’s export directions for HD movies.

YouTube is the Internet’s most popular video sharing website, making it a good choice for your high-definition movie. The site’s large audience will ensure your work has the chance for wide viewership. Making an HD movie for YouTube must begin with a high-definition video camera, which is available for all types of budgets. You must also edit your movie with video-editing software that accepts HD footage. Finally, follow YouTube‘s guidelines for HD video regarding the export settings you choose when finishing your movie.


1. Shoot your footage using a high-definition video camera. HD camcorders range from the ultra-cheap FlipCam at just more than $100 to professional video rigs that cost more than $20,000. You should be able to find an HD video camera in your budget by searching popular electronics sites such as CNet, or reading user reviews at online retailers such as or B&H Photo.

2. Edit your movie using video-editing software that accepts HD footage. Professional-grade software such as Final Cut Pro, Avid and Sony Vegas will do the trick. Each software manufacturer also sells cheaper consumer-grade versions that will be able to handle high-definition video.

3. Export your movie according to YouTube’s instructions for high-definition video. For example, choose the H.264 video codec, choose a high-quality setting, and make sure the size resolution is either 1280×720 or 1920×1080–The two HD resolution options.

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