Make Address Labels

One of the easiest things to create on a computer is your own address labels. Just print off a few sheets of address labels and you will be ready for the next few months. Your font can be plain or fancy and you can personalize the label with graphics.


1. Select the type of labels you want. The package will say they are address labels. They come in white or various colors. The most popular size is an 8 1/2-by-11 inch sheet containing 11 rows of 3 labels per row.

2. Open your word processing program and choose the option to print labels. In MS Word, this will be the process: click on “Tools” then “letters and mailings” and “envelopes and labels” then set the font you want to use through the “format” command.

3. Choose the type of labels you want to use. If you have bought a brand whose name is showing in the list, just match the name and size of the labels and click that description.

4. Type in your name and address information on the first label. Add a graphic to the label if you want. You can choose this in MS Word by choosing “Insert” then “clip art.” Double-click the graphic you want to use. When it appears on your label, it may be too big. Just resize it down, and then put it where you want it using your mouse to move it around (before or after your text). The text should wrap to the correct area and leave a standalone graphic.

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5. Copy this entire label by highlighting it and pressing the “Copy” icon. Go to the next label on that row and press the “paste” command. Do this again for the rest of the labels on the row. You now have one full row of address labels you have created.

6. Highlight and copy the entire row of completed labels. Select the next row and press “paste.” Continue until you have put labels on all of the rows on the page. Save the document as “My Address Labels” or whatever you prefer. Print as many pages of these prepared labels as you need.