Make A Volleyball Recruiting Skills Dvd

A Volleyball skills DVD can help you get recruited.

If you are interested in playing volleyball in college, a volleyball skills DVD is an important part of the recruiting process. Here are some tips on make one.


1. A recruiting skills DVD lets college coaches and recruiters see you in action, even if they are not able to watch you play in person. Once you get it put together, you can mail it out to college volleyball coaches to maximize your opportunities to be recruited.

2. Try to have the DVD put together during your junior year high school volleyball season. That way, you have it available to send out during the U-17 club season. Make several copies and get some DVD cases and padded mailing envelopes so you are ready to go when you get a recruiter’s request.

3. The DVD should be about ten minutes long. Have a short introduction with you on it, speaking to the camera. This allows coaches to see your face and a little bit of your personality. Smile, be enthusiastic and happy. Introduce yourself and say what year you are in, what school you attend, what year you will graduate, and what position you play. You should also mention what number you are wearing in the game video at the end of the tape.

Reserve a gym with a net set up where you can have a coach go through a succession of moves for your particular position, such as hitting, blocking, digging, setting, etc. If you are an outside hitter, don’t bother with sets, but if you are a right side hitter, you should show some since you will backup the setter in certain formations. Show the skills that a recruiter will be looking for you to execute as a member of their team.

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4. If you have a great serve, you can start off with a couple of serves (2 or 3 max), but this isn’t required. Coaches assume you know serve, and they don’t need to spend time watching a long succession of serving. Get to the key skills for your position. If you are a hitter, coaches want to see your approach, armswing, jump, armspeed through the ball, and contribution to the blocking scheme. For a middle, don’t just show a view from the shoulders up, coaches want to see your footwork as well. Go through a couple of slides and middle hits, as well as blocks while moving down the line. Concentrate on correct hand angles in blocking and good fundamentals in all demonstrated moves.

Setters should show getting to the ball as well as making quality sets, so have some passes that you need to run to. Defensive specialists need to demonstrate quality passes, and make sure you are digging some hard hits. They need to also show good footwork , ability to read the hitter, and good range. This part of the DVD should take about 5 or 6 minutes.

5. Follow up with some live game action from your high school or club matches that show you performing the skills you just demonstrated, only this time in a game situation. Don’t just show clips of highlights if possible. If you can get 3 or 4 minutes of uninterrupted game tape, that’s best, because coaches know it’s not cherry-picked from hours of play. They just want to see the game run uninterrupted. Shoot the game from directly behind the court if possible, or from a rear corner. Don’t pan the camera, just let it run.

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6. The DVD can be put together with editing software you can buy, or ask your coach or club director if they know someone that can help you put the DVD together.

Good luck and hope to see you playing in college. Check my related eHow articles below for further help in the college volleyball recruiting process.