Make A Video Louder

Video-editing software is available for most computers.

Raise the volume of a video clip using consumer video-editing software. Nonlinear editing software allows you to make drastic changes to video such as re-editing, or simple changes such as raising the volume of a video file with a soft audio track. In some cases, turning up the volume on your video playback software and maxing out the volume on your computer are not enough. Software packages such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas allow you to have more precise control over video audio levels.


1. Open your video-editing software. Choose “File” and then “Import.” Choose the video file with audio levels you would like to adjust.

2. Click and drag the file to the timeline window. The file will appear on your timeline with separate clips representing the video and audio. The audio clip will be at the bottom.

3. Double click your audio clip. The clip will open in the “Viewer” window or, in some software, the window will be called “Clip Effects.”

4. Click and drag the “Volume” slider in the “Viewer” window. Some software will have a “Gain” slider instead of “Volume.” Adjust the volume to a satisfactory level.

5. Choose “File” and “Export” to save your video file with the new volume settings intact.

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