Make A Video Clip With Music For Free

Make your own video clips complete with music.

Whether for entertainment, school or work, knowing create a video clip complete with a soundtrack can be a valuable skill to have. If you have a PC or a Apple computer running Windows or Mac OS, you already have the software needed to make your own video clip. With Movie Maker (Windows) and iMovie (Apple), you can add music, text and special effects to your video, then save or share online with others for free.


Movie Maker (Windows)

1. Open Movie Maker on your PC and click “Start a new project.” Find “Capture Video” under the “Movie Tasks” list on the left, and click “Import video.” Choose the video in the window, then click “Select.”

2. Click “Import audio or music” from the same list (“Capture video”) and find the MP3 track you wish to use in the window, then click “Select.”

3. Click “Preview” to watch your video clip for errors. Save your video clip as a WMV file if you want to share it online via email or on a video sharing site like YouTube.

iMovie (Apple)

4. Open iMovie on your Mac and click the “+” (Add) icon to start a new project. Go to “File” and click “Import movies,” select the video clip from the window, then click “Select.” Another option is to drag the video clip from your desktop into the project window.

5. Click the music notes icon on the right to browse your iTunes library. Click and drag the music track you want to use up to the project window.

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6. Click “Play” and watch your video clip. Share your video clip by going to “Share” in the toolbar and clicking “Export” to save to a DVD or email, or click “Share on YouTube” to publish your video clip online.