Make A Video Backwards On Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the default video editing program for Windows PC users. It allows for uploading video from your video camera, and even creating your own movies using some of its built-in special effects. However, there is no “reverse” function within the program; so, in order to make your video play backwards, you will need to take still shots frame-by-frame and then splice them together in a specific playback mode. It may feel a bit like a stop-motion animation process; however, you are simply breaking down your video into specific frames (standard video frame rates run at 24 frames per second) and running them back at the desired speed.


1. Launch Windows Movie Maker and open the video you want to run backwards. Wait for your video to completely load in the preview box.

2. Drag the cursor on the video’s timeline to the last frame of your movie. Take a picture by pressing the “Picture” button under the timeline.

Save your picture when prompted by the pop-up screen. (Your still image will appear in the middle of your screen.)

3. Click the “Previous Frame” button in the Preview window and take another picture. Repeat this until you have stepped back to the first frame of your video. (All your still images will appear next to the others in the middle of your screen.)

4. Highlight all the pictures in the middle of your screen and drag them into the Windows Movie Maker timeline.

5. Make the timeline larger so you can see every individual frame (You may also hit “Show Timeline.”)

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Navigate to the first frame in your timeline.

6. Hit the “Video Effects” button on the left-hand side of your screen. Select the “Speed Up Double” effect and drag it directly onto your first clip. Repeat seven times (eight total). (See Tips.)

7. Copy all your effects by right-clicking your first frame and choosing to “Copy.” Now your effects are saved in Windows Movie Maker’s memory. Delete your effects from the first frame.

8. Click “Edit” from the main taskbar and select “Select All,” which will highlight all the clips in your timeline.

Right-click the first frame and hit “Paste.”

9. Rename your video and save it in Windows Movie Maker.