Make A Subclip Shortcut Key For Premiere Pro

The use of subclips in Premiere Pro allows editors to break down footage into separate footage for easier use while editing and organizing. Instead of going to the menu every time you want to make a subclip, you can manually assign a keyboard button to quickly create the clip. Keyboard layouts are a huge part of Adobe Premiere, and along with multiple built-in layouts, you can set your own key to define the subclip shortcut. This process works with Adobe Premiere Pro CS2 and later.


1. Click on the “Edit” menu and select “Keyboard Customization.”

2. Select the keyboard shortcuts you currently use. In most cases it is automatically set to “Adobe Premiere Pro Factory Defaults.”

3. Click on the “Application” collection of keyboard shortcuts.

4. Find the “Clip” menu of shortcuts and look for the “subclip” selection. Click on the triangle icon to view any shortcuts already assigned to the subclip. If there are none, it will remain blank.

5. Click once on the “Shortcut” icon next to “subclip.” Now press the key on the keyboard that you want to use for this shortcut. If the shortcut is not taken, it will appear next to the “Shortcut” icon. If it is taken, a warning message will appear and you have to choose a new shortcut.

6. Click on the “Save As” icon at the bottom of the screen. Give your short cuts a name like “Subclip” and click “OK.” Now the shortcut is saved into your settings.

7. Test out the shortcut to make sure it works in the software. Set the In and Out points for the subclip and then press the shortcut key to create it.

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