Make A Slow Motion Music Video

For those of you old enough to remember, The Police did a music video that was incredibly cool looking using slow motion. The song was “I’ll be Wrapped Around Your Finger” and it showed Sting dancing and singing around a room full of candles, but there was something really strange about the way he was moving. He was moving in slow motion, but singing the words to the song perfectly. They did that by speeding up the song and having him lip synch the song in fast motion, then slow the video down and use the regular speed version of the song. Here is do it.


1. Open iMovie and import “Wrapped Around Your Finger” by the Police. iMovie does not allow you to speed up audio clips, so we need to convert this to a video clip, reimport it as a video clip and then speed it up.

2. Go to Share or Export and create a video clip.

3. Import that video clip back into iMovie.

4. Speed up that video one notch on the speed bar (under effects).

5. Set up your video camera and play the clip loud enough for you to hear it, so that you can sing and dance to it.

6. Import the footage of you singing and dancing. Turn the sound off of that clip.

7. Slow the clip down exactly one notch.

8. Line up the original audio file with the video, so that it matches.

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