Make A Slideshow In Nero

Nero provides innovation in digital media solutions to create and edit videos, music and custom slide shows. You can also convert and share files, create a digital home entertainment system, rip and burn discs quickly and gain the ability to back up files with confidence.


1. Visit the official Nero site to view all features, tools and capabilities.

2. Get on board with Nero by purchasing the full version, experiencing the trial version or upgrading your Nero product.

3. Launch Nero Vision to create your custom slide show.

4. View the “Start” screen to select the “Make Slide Show.”

5. Chose options to create a slide show on DVD-Video, Super Video CD, miniDVD, AVCHD or HD-BURN.

6. Add images to your slide show by clicking on the “Browse” button.

7. View the “Open” window and upload and add files to the media section.

8. Check out media area to select the valuable images that you would like to include in your slide show and click the button to “Add” files.

9. View images that are now inserted in the contents area of your slide show tools and tab.

10. Repeat above steps to add more images to your slideshow.

11. Click the “Play” button to view your rough draft.

12. Review edits, spellings, image possibilities and content relevance. Select the “Next” button once you are satisfied with any edits noted or changes made.

13. Preview entire slide show in the content screen to see each page.

14. Save the initial draft of the slide sa desired location.

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15. Back up your slide show and slide show images to disc. Save the file in a format that is readable to your PC.