Make A Show For Kids Online

More kids are going online for entertainment, a 2009 Nielsen Online study shows.



Editing software


1. Write a script with vibrant characters and educational characteristics. Parents and teachers usually supervise the Internet access of young children, and adults usually look for the educational value of media content. The Federal Communications Commission even requires broadcast television stations to incorporate educational programming into their schedules. Adding education content will attract parents and their children.

2. Set up the camera. Attach an external microphone for the best sound and place it within 3 feet of the talent. Record your show, directing your actor or actors to speak clearly and cheerfully. Have actors talk directly into the camera if the script requires talking to a home audience.

3. Import the footage into a video editor and edit the show. Use quick cuts to keep a lively pace or slow cuts to create a calm, relaxing show. Export the film as a compressed Quicktime movie when finished.

4. Upload the finished film to a video-sharing site. Copy and paste the embed code on your website’s HTML document.

5. Link to your show on any social networking sites you use. Post the link on parenting forums and pass out your Web address to parents you know.

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