Make A Photo Dvd For Funeral Services

Make a Photo DVD for Funeral Services

Creating a photo presentation for sentimental occasions such as funerals can help families cope with the pain and sadness surrounding death. Seeing pictures from a deceased loved one’s life may evokes sadness, but it is a very healthy way to go through the mourning process. Collecting, organizing and viewing the final project is extremely therapeutic for all those involved.


1. Import your photos. If they are already in print then you will need to use a scanner–the higher quality (measured in DPI), the better. Your images will appear inside the software that came with your scanner so either save and export the images or cut and paste them into your DVD creator or video editing software. If your photos are in digital form, then import them into your regular photo editing program and export them to your DVD creator or video editing software.

2. Organize the photos within groups. Whether you put the photos in chronological order or consider the different friends and family members, keeping the presentation fluid and purposeful will captivate an audience much more successfully. Without order to your presentation, people will lose interest or be confused about the where and when photos were taken. Organizing photos chronologically is the most frequently used method. Once they are in order, make sure that the quality of the photos is up to your preference and the transitions between photos are smooth.

3. Incorporate music into the project. Find music that reminds you of the deceased person according the genre, theme or his or her favorite artists or songs. Import the songs directly to your DVD creator or video editing software.

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4. Save the project and burn the DVD.