Make A Nero Dvd To Play In A Dvd Player

Nero allows you to quickly turn digital copies of you old home movies into DVDs using just a few mouse clicks.

Nero is a powerful CD and DVD editing system that can produce high-quality, customized DVDs with remarkable ease. If you have a DVD burner and a blank disc plus a collection of videos on your hard drive, you can make a Nero DVD to play in a DVD player quickly and easily.


1. Load your copy of NeroVision Express, which comes with copies of Nero from Version 6 onward. This is the part of the Nero software that encodes DVD files.

2. Move your mouse over the “Make DVD” menu option, and select “DVD-Video” from the pop-up menu.

3. Insert your DVD-R into your DVD burner. When the disc is ready, the “Used Space” meter will adjust to the size of disc you inserted.

4. Click “Add video files,” and browse to the folder where the video files to be added to your DVD are saved. Select one or more video files, and click “Okay.”

5. Wait for Nero to process each file and add it to your DVD.

6. Adjust the position of each video in the list by selecting it and using the up and down arrow buttons until the videos are in the desired order.

7. Right-click on each video in turn, and select “Edit” to bring up the video editing suite. This allows you to alter the volume of each file, cut out portions of the video and add extra videos onto the existing video, inserting transitions if needed. Adjust the videos as required.

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8. Click “Next” when you are done with each video. When all videos are edited to your satisfaction, click “Next.”

9. Click on the screenshot of the menu Nero has auto-generated for you.

10. Move your mouse over each of the menu items on the right-hand side of the screen, and select the display options you require to adjust how the menu looks and feels.

11. Adjust the background, icon size, fonts, colors and text to suit. Click “Next” when you are done.

12. Ensure the menu and videos are working as you require by using the buttons on the virtual remote control to navigate your DVD. If everything looks and operates as you want, click “Next”; otherwise, click “Back” to adjust the menu and videos again.

13. Review the summary of your DVD and the final burning options. Check that these are correct, and click “Burn” to burn your DVD.