Make A Movie On Apple

Apple computers and its accompanying Mac software include a variety of tools for creating digital media, including video and movies. Native Apple software like iMovie and Photo Booth can help you create a movie at every stage from shooting to post-production, or you can use one of the many free online video editors on your Apple’s Web browser. The iMovie application and the free online video editors will allow you to add music, menus and text to your movie.


1. Import your video files with Apple’s iMovie program, which is part of the iLife group of programs and comes installed on your Apple’s hard drive. Open the program’s “File” menu atop the screen and select the “Import” option. Locate the video files with which you want to create your and select them. Once you have imported your desired video files, you can use the editing window at the bottom of the program to select, cut, swap and edit your clips together. You can also add voiceovers, graphics, transitions and other flourishes to your movie.

2. Use a free online video editor such as JayCut or CellSea. These editors also allow you to upload your digital video clips so you can cut, rearrange and mash them together, as well as adding audio. Some online video editors require you to create an account, which is free, before uploading or editing your videos. These services work on your Apple as long as the video format you are uploading is compatible with the program. Check the help or FAQ page of the editor you choose to find out which video formats are compatible.

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3. Open Photo Booth, another native program for Apple computers that have iSight cameras. Click the third icon beneath the program’s display to set the program into video mode. The icon looks like a strip of film. Choose any effects you want to add from the “Effects” menu and click the video camera icon at the center to begin recording. Click the camera icon again to stop recording. Though Photo Booth does not include any editing functions, it does allow you to record linearly and saves your videos in .MOV format, which can be imported by iMovie and many of the available online video editors.