Make A Movie In Imovie

Apple’s iMovie makes it easy to make your own professional-looking movie.

Though creating and editing a video may sound complicated, it is actually quite simple using a program such as Apple’s iMovie. iMovie allows you to upload your own videos, photos, and music, add and edit frames, add titles, transitions, and even create voice overs. Make professional looking movies, videos, and slide shows quickly and easily on iMovie.


1. Open your iMovie application on your Mac. Click on “New Project” in the “File” menu of iMovie. A box will appear asking you to name your movie. Enter a name and then choose the theme you want for your movie. If you don’t want a theme, select, “None.”

2. Click on “File,” and then “Import.” Locate your video clips on the camera and click “Import.” The stills of your video will appear in the viewer. Click on the video and drag the green box on the video to edit out the part of the video you want to use. If you want to use the entire clip, drag the green box around the entire video clip. If you want to edit out the last five seconds, drag the cursor from the front of the video clip to the back, excluding the last five seconds.

3. Drag the video up into the Project Library. Do this with the other clips, dragging the clips into the Project Library.

4. Add images to your video by clicking on the camera icon in the middle right of the program. Select the photos you need out of your iPhoto library. Drag the photos up into the Project Library. Do this with as many photos as you want to add to the library.

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5. Reorder the photos and video clips by highlighting the whole clip and dragging it to the place you want it in the movie.

6. Add music by clicking on the music note button next to the camera button. You can use sound effects from iMovie, or songs from your iTunes. Click the song you like and drag it to the project gallery. Adjust the music by clicking the small icon in the top left hand corner, and click on “Clip Trimmer.”

7. Add titles by clicking on the “T” button. Choose the layout and style that you want for your titles. Click on the title layout you like and drag it to the place that you want it to appear in the Project Library.

8. Add transitions between photos and video clips by clicking on the type of transition you like and dragging it between the clips you want to transition between. Add voice over, maps, and backgrounds to add an extra flair to the movie.

9. Click the “Play” button beneath the Project Gallery to preview how your movie will look. The preview will open in full screen mode and will also play your music, so make sure the volume is turned up on your computer.

10. Click on the “Share Button” in the top menu, and then click “Export.” Choose the size of the video that you want to export, and the place you want to save it on your computer. You can then upload the video to YouTube or QuickTime for easy viewing.

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