Make A Memorial Tribute On Video

Memories captured on film can be a great addition to any memorial tribute video

A memorial tribute video can be a very nice addition to a memorial service. A video can add personal memories through short video and audio clips that will be accessible at any time. Tribute videos can also be very helpful when people are not able to attend the memorial service and would like to remember the person at the same time as the rest of the family.


1. Collect photos and videos about the featured subject of the tribute. Ask attendants of the memorial to send photos in either digital or analog format to enhance the video. It can also be beneficial to do some short interviews about the subject of the tribute with people attending the memorial to further enhance the video and make the transitions smoother.

2. Upload the photos and videos into a folder on your computer. Making one folder will make the process much easier because all the videos and photos will be in the same place.

3. Open the video editing software. Click “File,” then “Upload” and select the files you want to use in the tribute video.

4. Drag the videos and photos onto the time line in the order you would like them to be presented. All video editing software is a little bit different, so make sure to follow the instructions carefully. It is important to make the video before creating the audio.

5. Upload the music for the video and create the audio that will be played along with the video. You can upload the music by using CDs or MP3s.

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6. Post the video on an online video sharing website or burn it to a DVD. It is not possible to burn DVDs with all computers or laptops, so make sure that your computer has DVD-burning capabilities before trying to create a DVD.