Make A Low Budget Recording Studio

Furnishing a recording studio is a very expensive venture. Regardless of your budget, you can furnish a recording studio with relative ease. With the right equipment, your actual studio environment will not matter. Focus on the right microphones, the right software and the right headphones, and you are going to be just fine. As your studio gains a following, you will be able to upgrade your equipment, and before you know it, you’ll have a top of the line studio. Read on to learn make a low budget recording studio.


1. Make sure your computer is up to date. An example of what works well is: 2.8 Ghz Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, 320GB HD, 52x/20x CD/DVD burner. As long as you have sufficient RAM and storage space to run the programs you’ll need, you’ll be fine. Upgrades to RAM won’t hurt of course.

2. Get your music creation software. Look for a music creation software like FL Studio. This will ensure that you can make quality music. FL Studio has products ranging in price from $49 to $299, and has lifetime free updates. There’s a fully functional trial version, (except you cannot save your projects) if you want to give it a try.

3. Get your music editing software. Adobe Audition is an excellent program with plenty of features, and it can be used as a professional studio in place of mixing boards and equipment. Priced at around $350, this makes it a good investment, but maybe unattainable for some. If this is the case, look for Audacity, a free sound editor. Its features are tremendously reduced, and therefore, this should be used only if necessary. You’ll find something to fit your budget and needs, if you look well enough.

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4. Obtain your microphone. You’ll need a high quality, noise canceling microphone to help the acoustics and background noise in the room you record in. M-Audio provides several economical options for this. See the Reference section for links. The Producer mic for $100 is a great value.

5. Obtain your headphones. You’ll need good quality headphones to go with your microphone and computer speakers (in the next step). Good headphones can be purchased for $9.99 to $299.00 depending on your budget. You can even go wireless if you want.

6. Obtain your computer speakers. High quality speakers are important for any studio. Bose offers an excellent set of computer speakers for around $89. Of course, there are cheaper options available if need be.

7. This step is optional if you can afford it, or if you need to connect instruments to your computer to record your music. You’ll need a high quality interface. You can check out M-Audio for these too, and expect to spend $100 to $250 depending on what your budget allows.